Intelligent Transportation Workshop

Organizer(s): Neil Urquhart


Description: This workshop will bring together researchers using nature inspired computing to support intelligent transportation, allowing them to present and discuss ideas and concepts with their peers. Those wishing to participate should submit a one page abstract according to the instructions outlined on the workshop website. Abstracts will be peer reviewed and the authors of successful abstracts will be invited to submit a longer discussion paper to be presented at the workshop and made available to others through the workshop website.

Topics for discussion include (but are not limited to):

+ Optimisation of goods deliveries
+ Optimisation of mobile workforce
+ Use of nature inspired computing techniques will real world transport related data and APIs
+ Traffic and transport management

If you are unsure of your topic fits within the scope of the workshop, please contact Neil Urquhart – for advice. We look forward to seeing you in Edinburgh.


Landscape-Aware Heuristic Search

Organizer(s): Nadarajen Veerapen, Gabriela Ochoa


Description: Fitness landscape analysis and visualisation can provide significant insights into problem instances and algorithm behaviour. The aim of the workshop is to encourage and promote the use of landscape analysis to improve search algorithms and their understanding. Examples include landscape analysis as a tool to inform the design of algorithms, landscape metrics for online adaptation of search strategies, mining landscape information to predict instance hardness and algorithm runtime. The workshop seeks to bring together researchers interested in landscape analysis and in exploiting problem structure to develop informed search strategies. The workshop provides a unique opportunity to present existing work, propose new ideas or put forward position statements.


Natural Computing in Scheduling and Timetabling

Organizer(s): Ahmed Kheiri, Rhyd Lewis, Ender Ozcan


Description: The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners to share their experiences and report on emerging approaches in solving real-world scheduling problems. A particular interest will be on approaches that give a deeper insight into scheduling problem classes, and that enable the exploitation of structural information during the automated search for a solution to a given problem. General purpose approaches used for automated generation of heuristics for solving single and multi-objective scheduling problems and issues related to development of such approaches are also of particular interest.


Advances in Multi-modal Optimization

Organizer(s): Mike Preuss, Michael G. Epitropakis, Xiaodong Li


Description: The workshop attempts to bring together researchers from evolutionary computation and related areas who are interested in Multimodal Optimization. This is a currently forming field, and we aim for a highly interactive and productive meeting that makes a step forward towards defining it. The Workshop will provide a unique opportunity to review the advances in the current state-of-the-art in the field of Niching methods. Further discussion will deal with several experimental/theoretical scenarios, performance measures, real-world and benchmark problem sets and outline the possible future developments in this area. Positional statements, suggestions, and comments are very welcome!