Letters of Invitation to PPSN2016

Letters of invitation to PPSN 2016 for the purposes of obtaining a visa to enter the UK are only prepared for authors of accepted papers, or for genuine conference researchers working or studying at recognised academic institutions active in relevant subjects. They are issued at the discretion of the conference organisers.
Letters of invitation are only sent when registration fees have been paid in full. Applications should be made no later than 15 August 2016 to allow time for processing by consular authorities who may take weeks to issue a visa. Please check with your local UK consular office to know the correct visa application procedure in your country, as there are local differences.

A letter of invitation can only be obtained by submitting this form. Each author requiring a visa should complete their own form, since individual letters of invitation are prepared. It may take up to 10 working days for an invitation letter to be sent following your application.

If your visa application is subsequently refused after you have paid the registration fee, it will be fully refunded to you.